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Pentest: Lazy Sys Admin

6 minute read

Another day another lab, this is going to be the last linux VM for a while, I’ll do more of them at some point but for now I’ll have to study for CCNA and af...

Pentest: Domo arigato mr. Roboto

9 minute read

Since I want to do the OSCP certifcation next year, I figured it’s time to try and tackle a machine that is listed under “OSCP like” in some forums I scoured...

Pentest: owning Zico2

8 minute read

Another day, another VM to get owned! This time I’m doing an intermediate one called Zico2, as always this VM is available on Vulnhub here. —-

Pentest: owning a docker host

10 minute read

As I did my bachelorthesis around Docker and best practices around Docker, I found it interesting and challenging for myself to break a Docker host. Vulnhub ...

Pentest: owning rick and morty VM

6 minute read

My collegues told me about vulnhub, a website for peneteration tester to test their skills on boot2root VM’s. On the site you’ll find multiple boxes, with va...

Pentest: owning BulldogVM

3 minute read

After owning the Rick and Morty VM I searched vulnhub for another challenge, and I found a VM that hosted a bulldog lover website that got hacked. The VM is ...