On this site I'll write mostly to myself, creating various cheat sheets and gists to help myself remember all the cool stuff I've learned.

Even though it's mostly written to myself, some others might enjoy this too. So enjoy my random thoughts...

disclaimer: All the information on this blog, especially the pentest section, should not be used without explicit permission. Hacking is illegal and I am not responsible for you in any way.

Recent Posts

Pentest: Lazy Sys Admin

6 minute read

Another day another lab, this is going to be the last linux VM for a while, I’ll do more of them at some point but for now I’ll have to study for CCNA and af...

Pentest: Domo arigato mr. Roboto

9 minute read

Since I want to do the OSCP certifcation next year, I figured it’s time to try and tackle a machine that is listed under “OSCP like” in some forums I scoured...

Pentest: owning Zico2

8 minute read

Another day, another VM to get owned! This time I’m doing an intermediate one called Zico2, as always this VM is available on Vulnhub here. —-

Pentest: owning a docker host

10 minute read

As I did my bachelorthesis around Docker and best practices around Docker, I found it interesting and challenging for myself to break a Docker host. Vulnhub ...

Pentest: owning rick and morty VM

6 minute read

My collegues told me about vulnhub, a website for peneteration tester to test their skills on boot2root VM’s. On the site you’ll find multiple boxes, with va...